Tyra Banks takes her modeling to her university


As we all know tyra banks joined harward to complete her degree but hey there are rumors about it. Once she met one of the teachers of her current school who told her that she cannot come to the university for america's top model assignment. So tyra banks took it as a challenge and decided that she will be part of this university and will also bring her assignment to the university as well.

That is why she took the admission and is all set to bring her america's top model program to the university. She is also completing her degree and also doing her business. Tyra banks as we know a model, runs her own modeling agency and also a photographer now is also set to make records at the university campus.

It is said that she will hire the few of the models from the university campus itself and others off the campus. She says that there is a lot of potential here but they just need a little polishing. Tyra banks as we know is famous for her bold pictorgraphy. She has always been in the celeb scenes due to her her orthadox ways. Like she did a photoshoot of a 1 million dollar bra. I guess money and fame is something she can never get satisfied. I guess no human can.

Anyways hats off to tyra banks if the rumors are true about the degree that she only wants to show the teacher that there is no limit and boundary for tyra banks when it comes to her field. She is there to get the degree but there is no institution in the world to challenge her degree of fashion world.

Hurray for Tyra Banks

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