Kim Kardashian loves Shahrukh Khan


Kim Kardashian likes Shah Rukh Khan. Kim said that she met him in srilanka at a awards ceremony. She was there for photoshoot of a company and there she met Shahrukh the indian super star. She thinks that he is an awesome guy and above all an awesome celebrity.

He is so much down to earth and not even a single time he showed attitude. I thought he might not know about me but he did know who was i and infact it was me who did not know anything about him. From the srilankan meeting she started liking shahrukh. Even though kim kardashian knows that shahrukh is married and has kids but still says that he is a perfect man to marry.

Kim also said that she would love to work with shahrukh. Shahrukh on the other hand says that we just met by chance and there is nothing between us. We are just colleagues in the same entertainment industry. She is pretty fit and i am Mr. Khan.

She is beautiful and adorable. She is respectable to me and i cannot think of any kind of relationshion between  my colleagues. So matter is closed. Kim on the other hand when returned back to USA is spreading the rumors that she likes shahrukh khan a lot and he also likes me. Kim thinks of him as advising guru for many things for her. She said that he also advised me how to lose weight on the bums.

Kim Kardashian is rocking these days in love of Shahrukh Khan but shahrukh khan is completely denying such rumors and hopes that media will stop such thing.

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