Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Split


Justin Bieber splits with Selena Gomez. Both of them have happily ended their relationship to pursue their career. Its said that they both are young and a lot of things to achieve in their life. They will still be friends but will not act in a relationship. This rumors is spreading out not just in USA but throughout the world. As both of them are teen sensations and teens and youngster throughout the world just love them. This split for some might be happy and for some it might be a sad turn. The ones who are true fans of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez will adore their decision and would just want to see them happy at any cost.

And who are crazy fans of them i am sure would be very happy with this decision. As girls do not want Justin to be with Selena and vice versa. This is something which was found through research. Anyways their split will not harm their careers and also their friendship. Some rumors say that they both are going to sing a song together related to their split in a Duo. The song is yet to be recorded but both will appear in the video and finally show their split in a happy way.

When contacted by media personal both of them denied the split and said they are just rumors and rumors are never ever true. But from the past few months its been seen that Justin and Selena both of them are going their own way and want a change in their lives. Selena no doubt a talented girl wants to pursue her career in movies as well. She wants the whole world to see her as a great actor as well. Justin has shown the world that he is talented and he has the guts more than anyone else. He wants to give full attention to his singing career at the moment. I guess this split is just a time waiver for both of them rather a complete split.

I guess both want just time for each other. I think thats what is going to happen. Soon they will announce to the world about their seperation.

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