"The Rock" kisses Kim Kardashian


There are rumors about the wrestling sensation "The Rock". We already know that he is going to appear in wrestle mania 27 but he is going to bring a guest along with him. This guest is a lady. This lady the rumors say is Kim kardashian. The Rock is a legend in WWE and is loved by millions around the world. He is going to star in a movie and his co-star in that movie is Kim Kardashian. 

The rumors say that he is going to bring her along and not only that he is going to smooch miss Kim Kardashian infront of the thousands and infront of the millions of fans who will be seeing the pay per view. The Rock is not going to fight against anyone in wrestle mania but i am sure he is going to disturb and destroy many.

He is loved by kids and old and young and Kim Kardashian i guess loved by all genders as she is hot and awesome. The name and story of the movie is yet to be revealed to the general public but both of them are going to work as a sci-fi cops. Also there are rumors that both of them are going to film intimating scenes that not done before by both of them. The Rock is a married man so will his wife allow him to go for it. 

I guess he is a celebrity and his wife is not going to mind as long as the money is coming in. Anyways Kim Kardashian when approached about this she refused to say anything. She said The Rock is Rock and Kim is Kim. We are celebrities but never been fond of wrestling that much. Regarding movie she said no comments.

But the rumors are saying that The Rock is going to bring Kim Kardashian to the wrestle mania 27 and the whole world will see some amazing momemnts.

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