Rebecca Black the new popstar of this decade

New Teen Sensation Rebecca Black

Recently, the new teen sensation hit her single on the net and in no time she got famous. Rebecca black just made waves in the music industry with her single "Friday". Her voice is not that good and also her singing needs to be polished. But if you put all these things aside there is something extra to it and that is her unique voice. Even though its not that good but also not that bad.
rebecca black popstar

Rebecca Black song "friday"is about teenage boys and girls who want to have fun on friday as its time for weekend. Its nice, jolly and happening song among the teens around the world. Teenagers throughout the world are liking and loving her. She is still young. Some say she is only 13 years old. Wow, i guess another justin bieber fame look alike is on the way.

Her song can be found on youtube easily. The wordings are simple and also the teen sensation did not try to show off her skin. She remained simple and sweet. She is not in revealing clothes. From the looks of it she tried to be simple as a teenage girl could be at her age. She got more than 2.2 million views now on youtube and many other amateur artists and teenagers have copied or sang her song and have uploaded their videos as well. I guess music records company i am sure would love to get their hands on rebecca black as she is undoubted the next big pop star of america.

Like Justin bieber did it when many told him that you cannot be a singer but he showed the world never say never and anything is possible. Same way this teenage girl Rebecca black did it as well. Her fame right now is on top of the world.

From the looks rebecca black looks like from arabic origin but she is not. She is pure american. Well you never know celebrity gossip and rumors as she might reveal later on in some celebrity magazine that her ancestors came from middle east or asia, just to get publicity.

Well regardless of these things she is no doubt an awesome teenage super star for this decade after justin bieber. Or perhaps go beyond justin bieber in future.

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