Derek Hough splits for Tyra Banks


There are rumors about the dance sensation Derek Hough that he is in love with Tyra Banks. It not just happened infact is was happening for last few months. There were rumors that Tyra Banks is seeing someone but who no one knew. Now its out with the rumors that Derek Hough is in love with Tyra. They both have been at a local restaurant in Los Angles. The pictures yet to come out but some media personal its true.
The reason is that Derek Hough has split up with Cheryl Cole. They both had their differences and Derek Hough had started liking Tyra Banks and this was the main reason for their split.

Derek Hough a young dancer, actor and writer with Tyra Banks who is, I believe way too older for him. Well its true then that love is blind. Derek when contacted by the media personal he refused to say anything and said its my life, and its my personal decisions to make about anything so media should not interfere.

Derek these days is working on his new reality show with a national TV. He is the creator of this dance reality show and he said that its going to be best and the biggest of all the reality shows every seen on national TV. From the refusal of Derek Hough it shows that there is something between both of them. On the other hand when contact to Tyra she also refused that Derek is a good friend of mine and we have never ever thought of each other in that aspect.

But rumors are becoming true. Even though both have denied but they have something between them. Only time will tell what is the reality but it something interesting for the media to enjoy for next few days.

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