Jessica Simpson slaps Lady Gaga


Recently, Jessica Simpson had a fight with Lady Gaga at a party. They both used swear words on each other. The media is trying to find pictures or video of this fight. It was a private party where this incident happened. Both of them had a common friend. The party was going smoothly but turned bad when Lady Gaga drunk started using swearing words for Jessica Simpson.

Jessica Simpson model, actress and singer first ignored it as she knew Lady Gaga is drunk and she is not in her senses. Luc Carl was also present there at the scene. He is boyfriend of Lady Gaga. And some even say that Luc Carl and Lady Gaga have gotten married.

Lady Gaga was asked to stop by her friend and Luc Carl but she did not. She was abusing everyone but finally she burst out on Jessica Simpson who was there with her close friends. She tried best not to get angry and ignore Lady Gaga  but it got out of find and she also finally burst out on her.

Lady Gaga abused Jessica Simpson by saying that she is a third class singer and could not keep up with the lime light. And she also said that she should learn the art of singing and dressing from her. This was something Jessica could not take and simply burst out.

Its said that they both used swearing words and some rumors say that they both slapped each other and also pull out each other hair. The people at the party are trying to sell off the pictures and video to media but still not photos and videos have been seen as yet.

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