Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sandra Bullock got slapped

There are rumours that Sandra Bullock was moving around in market. She was looking around for a specific shop. She bumped into a guy and she quickly said sorry. She thought that the man in return would say sorry as well but to her shock she could not believe what he had said.
He used the F word for her and told her to get lost. Sandra Bullock could believe that she was walking in a society where normally people are nice and polite but the guy who was well dressed. Sandra told him that he should behave but he did not and kept on using the F word frequently. Sandra realized that it is useless to talk to such a person who does not know how to talk to a woman. She was about to turn around that guy simply slapped her. Sandra Bullock could not believe it. She started crying loudly and the people gathered around. Even nearby police came as well. By the time everyone came that guy has ran away in his car. Some say the number of the car was noted and some say they did not see anything just hear the sound of scream. Sandra Bullock is still in shock that why that guy had slapped her as there was nothing bad happening at that particular time. Perhaps her Zodiac was running bad at that time.
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Kim Kardashian’s Upskirt Video

There are rumours that Kim Kardashian at Los Angles famous hotel was standing in the lobby when the upskirt happened. She is famous for her show off’s. She is famous for her sexy performances in magazines and on TV. She is famous for being a sex machine. She could not believe that in such a good hotel such could happen.
She was standing in the lobby waiting for someone. A guy passing by him grabbed his skirt and made an upskirt. The rumours say that she was wearing a white thong and her beautiful big tight arse was visible and she had a camel toe that made headlines in the media world. Kim tried to get her skirt down but she was hopeless. He did it few seconds and when Kim started screaming loudly and then the guy ran out quickly from the lobby. The security tried to run him but it was too late as a car outside the hotel lobby was waiting for him. Perhaps that guy had an assailant. Police was called and the video was seen. Well upskirt video was also seen. Many say that it will be uploaded on the internet. Kim Kardashian does not want the video to come on internet as it is very revealing and it will become an enjoyment for millions around the world. She is more worried about video and the photos.
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Katy Perry Kisses Gerard Butler

There are rumours that Katy Perry was seen with Gerard Butler in Los Angles elite area restaurant. She was there alone with him. Meaning, the whole restaurant was booked and no one else was allowed except the restaurant staff. Such kind of things happens usually in movies but it happened in real for Katy Perry and Gerard Butler.
Katy Perry with Gerard hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Katy Perry is more famous than him but then why Gerard. Perhaps they are in love or perhaps currently they are in a relation just to get more hype from the media. The rumour was revealed by one of the restaurant media. The rumours say that soon pictures will be leaked to show the proof of this meeting. Katy Perry also kissed Gerard many a times and it showed that they are in love said by the restaurant staff. Katy Perry is young and very good performer who does not need cheap media coverage. Maybe she is in love with him or maybe it is just a rumour or maybe she is shooting for her next video in which Gerard is the hero. Only time can let us if it is true or not but Katy Perry is currently the pop sensation who is more stronger than Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber and many more. Read this sizzler: Jessica Simpson bold and beautiful
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Jessica Simpson bold and beautiful

There are rumours that Jessica Simpson was caught in bikini with John Abraham. John Abraham is an Indian actor and model. He is doing great in Indian movies. And he is a heart throb of millions of Indian girls. Jessica Simpson was at an Italian beach with her family and there she met John Abraham.
John Abraham was there with her new girl friend Alina. Alina is unknown to the media world but she is a Russian upcoming model who is also working in some Indian projects. Well, the rumours are that Jessica and John met each other. Even though Jessica had a lot of weight but still John showed interest in her. They both walked together and had a long talk while walking. They both looked happy. Alina did not mind it and in fact she was enjoying it as well. That was really strange when your girlfriend is there and you are not with her and talking to another person. John and Jessica both had something going on from the looks of it. From there, it did not end. They both after that went to the hotel where they were staying. The rumours say that they both had gone to a room and had sex. Well, what’s wrong with John Abraham having sex with a girl who is so huge? I guess his taste has changed after the break up with Bipasa Basu. Jessica Simpson is on the high side these days and is trying to rock her body with others. Read this sizzler: Mariah Carey’s Pole Dance Video
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Mariah Carey’s Pole Dance Video

There are rumours that Mariah Carey got drunk at a local bar with her friends. She was invited there by her friends to have dinner and some drinks. The world knows that she loves drinking so mainly that party was about drinking. She got so drunk that she did not know what was going around her. She forgot where she was and did stupid things.
One of the things she did was a strip dance on a pole. She took off her shirt and a clear bra was now visible. She got on the stage to a pole and did dirty dancing. Even though Mariah Carey is overweight and huge in size but still some say did hot sexy dance. Majority their enjoyed her dance and wanted her to do more stripping. The rumours say that she even tried to take off her pants but her friends did not let her do it. But her pole dance was something even her friends enjoyed it. There are rumours that Mariah Carey even gave a sneak peak of her boobs for few seconds. She quickly gave a tour of her huge size breast to the people at the bar. Now, the problem is not she showed but the problem is pictures and videos have been made. The technology is now so easy to get and many had nice phones with HD video and picture resolution. They took her pictures and made video. The videos are still hiding but it is said that soon a TV channel will break the news about it. When the media tried to contact her she simply refused this report and said that she is not a hard core drinker and second nothing had happened. It is all just a rumour. Read this news: Taylor Swift hottie naughty
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Taylor Swift hottie naughty

There are rumours that Taylor Swift is working on her upcoming album called hottie naughty. This is the album where she is going to show the world that she is no more a bubbly girl who is cute, sweet and simple. This album will reveal her true young girl character as what she wants.
Taylor Swift is going semi-nude in the music videos of this album. She has planned it and now implementing it. She also hired a proper cinematographer and a stylist who is going to help her look good while she is semi-nude. She wants to be a more dominant on teenagers and youngster with more strong looks. The rumours say that she is tired of being bubbly and sweet. She wants the world to see her new side and also wants the world to enjoy her. She is planning on a series of wallpapers, pictures, videos and title pages that will be displayed on her official website later on this year. The pictures, videos and wallpapers will be free for the world to see and download. Taylor Swift just simply wants a new look and this look will be very bold, hot and very naughty. Taylor as we know can sing well but from the looks of it looks like a child. But this time she is going to break all the rules of entertainment in her upcoming album and its music videos. Read this sizzler: Shakira Stripping off
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Shakira Stripping off

There are rumours that Shakira is going to work in a bollywood movie. She is also going to sing songs for the movie. The contract is under way and a lot of money has been offered to her for this purpose. The rumours that almost 5$ million will be paid to her to work in the movie and sing.

The producer is a close friend of Shakira that is why a discounted offer but still for her consent to work in an Indian movie is shocking. She has never worked before in Indian cinema so this would be a new experience for her. She knows the Arabic culture but not Indian.

The role of Shakira is also defined. She is going to work as a stripper in the movie. Some rumours say that she has been offered 20$ million to work in the movie. The reason is that she is going to strip off her clothes and will semi-nude. Some are saying that for the first time she might show her complete naked back in the movie.

Strip off by Shakira will be a treat to watch and enjoy. Still they are rumours at the moment. The co-stars are not confirmed yet but rumours saying that John Abraham might be the male leading artist in the movie who will work as a “Pimp” for Shakira the stripper.

Let’s wait and see when it becomes a legal document.

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Karishma Kapoor Dancing Diva in DTPHDW
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Karishma Kapoor Dancing Diva in DTPHDW

There are rumours that Karishma Kapoor is going to work again in the sequel of “Dil tou Pagal hai Dil Dewana hai”. Yes, the rumours are spreading like fire. She has been asked to work again in the part 2. This time she will be the dancing diva and the main lead artist. The other artists are not known yet but they rumours are saying that it will not be Madhuri Dixit.

The rumours say that Madhuri is outdated, old and has gained weight a lot whereas Karishma Kapoor is still sexy and pretty. The other female artists are said to be Aishwariya Rai and male artist are said to be Abhishek Bachan and Shahrukh Khan. The twist in the movie is that Shahrukh will be with Aishwariya and Abhishek will be with Karishma Kapoor.

Currently the movie is being finalized and Aishwariya Rai being pregnant so the movie most probably will start next year. Karishma Kapoor when contacted by the media said no comments. This means something is going on and she will be the sexy dancing diva in the sequel.

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Pamela Anderson’s “Come Back” Nude Show
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Friday, September 16, 2011

Pamela Anderson’s “Come Back” Nude Show

Section targeting

There are rumours that Pamela Anderson is now a day’s working day and night to make her body fit again. We all know that she has a very sexy body and her goodies need not any introduction. But she has gained weight so she is trying to lose it. She is doing all this because she has been offered to work in a movie named “Come Back”.

Pamela Anderson the bay watch fame girl is now down under and needed something to boost her career. This new movie will definitely give the boost she wants. She is going to be totally nude. Not only she will have nudity and sex but there is something extra in it.

For the first time in Hollywood industry in a movie a female celebrity will have a naked fight 
scene with one of the Villain who is a male actor. The other actors in the movie have been kept secret.

The rumours say that Matt Damon and Jet Li will be the part of this movie. The time will surely tell us what will happen. Pamela will is ready so will be the public to enjoy her goodies one more time.

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Sandra Bullock nude photos out

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Sandra Bullock nude photos out

There are rumours that finally after a very long time and with a heavy duty paid Sandra is going all nude in her next movie with Leonardo Decaprio. Sandra has been into Hollywood industry for many years but she has never gone nude in movies and neither in public or magazines.

She has been seen in bikini and semi-nude in proposal but nude NO. No one knows her real body but now she is going to reveal it. Sandra Bullock for some private reasons never went nude. The rumours say that she is being paid around 30 $ Million for her to be nude. She is not only going to be nude but also going to have sexual scenes with Leonardo Decaprio.

Sandra Bullock is a great actor but her body is not that great people would go crazy. But the rumours say that her body is better than many. She has always kept it a secret but that secret will become a truth very soon.

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Kim Kardashian’s headlights groped pictures

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Kim Kardashian’s headlights groped pictures

There are rumours that recently Kim Kardashian who is planning for her wedding was out for shopping in New York. She is famous but she did not believe that she is so famous that people would go crazy to get her autograph. She was shopping when she realized that people 
have gather outside the shop to see her glimpse.

First, it made her nervous but later on she realized that she is a celebrity and people outside 
the shop are her fans. She called them all in and started giving autographs. People were sober to her understanding but one of them did something which has happened with many Hollywood celebrities in public.

Kim Kardashian was groped in public by a young man. He squeezed the front headlights of Kim Kardashian. As it was a public appearance many had cell phones on with pictures and videos mode. When the groped happened the pictures and videos were made.

Kim Kardashian could not believe that it happened but it did. The young man groped it very hard for 2 to 3 seconds and then quickly ran off. Later on the police was called and saw the video of the young guy who groped the breast of kim kardashian. Problem was not the groping but the problem was the video and pictures that would be leaked on the internet.

Kim as she is going to get married so she does not want any sexual shame fame at the moment. We all know who is Kim and how she has let many guys enjoy her but as she getting into a prestigious relationship so she cannot have such things now. Lets see when her pictures and video come out.

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Katy Perry’s dirty performance

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Katy Perry’s dirty performance

There are rumours that Katy Perry recently performed at a friend’s party. It should be difficult to understand that it is just a performance, so what is so special about it. She is at the moment no doubt the best performer. She sings well. She dances well and she dresses really well. She is shying in front of the camera and media to show off her goodies.

But finally she did it. Not in front of the media but she did at her friend’s private party. Other Hollywood and Music celebrities were also present. She was wearing a pink mini skirt with a white Gucci Tank Top. She started off with her slow songs but finally let herself lose with her hip hop performance.

She did pole dance which no one has expected. And to everyone’s amaze she was wearing a thong which showed everything to everyone. It was a private party no media was allowed but celebrities present there had their latest cell phones. Majority took pictures and made video of her.

She later on got so deep into her performance that she took her tank top and mini skirt and was performing in her bra and thong. The rumours say that she had taken too much skunk and because of that she was going crazy. The pictures and video taken are not yet uploaded. But Katy Perry has a serious issue with her personality trait right now because of the pictures and video if uploaded will destroy her brand image.

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Rihanna’s Implants on the way

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Rihanna’s Implants on the way

There are rumours that Rihanna is going to have a surgery. No, no she is not going to have a surgery about her nose or skin or anything like that other actors had. We have seen Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson to go under surgery. Rihanna is going to have breast transplant. Many have told her about her physical beauty.

She looks good on paper and TV because of the awesome graphics but her body looks slim, and sucks as understood by a local survey. The survey was about the best female singers in looks and body and she was at number 18. These are things that have made Rihanna worry about. She is famous, she is rich and she is still growing but her breast is small as small it can be.

Rihanna has a good surgeon about it and she had few examines as well. She is now finalizing it when to go for it as she has a intense tour and other liabilities to take care of. She is not just getting the time to have a plastic surgery or i should say breast implants. Rihanna when approached by the media has refused such things and said that she is quite satisfied and is not bothered about it.

Even her boyfriend has also said that your good but your body is......These things and comments and can make any woman worry. I guess that is why she is going for such practice. Rihanna no doubt has performed well in her respective field but in this breast transplant let’s see if she performs well or not. Rihanna is paying a big amount of money to the doctor. The doctor also said that it will be so nice and sweet that she will not have to take any medicine when he is done with it.

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Ayesha Takia: Yoga Trainer Video

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Ayesha Takia: Yoga Trainer Video

There are rumours that Ayesha Takia is bored to death after her marriage. Her husband is busy in the business and is mostly away from home so she wants to do something else. The rumours say that she also wants to start her own Yoga training camp. Not a physical outlet but she wants to make her Yoga video like Shilpa Shetty and many other actresses who have done it before.

Ayesha Takia has in recent times gained weight and also her size of boobs and ass has also increased. Her figure has gone from big to more big. But the rumours say her tummy is still nice and tucked in. Ayesha Takia has approached some famous TV channels about the production of this yoga training video.

Ayesha Takia is at the moment working hard to get the deal final. She is into yoga and she wants the world to see her yoga. She said that she likes Shilpa Shetty and she likes her a lot. She said that Shilpa is admirable and very sexy. But Ayesha says that she is going to be more bombastic and sexy and the guys will go crazy to see her sexy figure.

She told all this to her close friends. Her husband also does not mind if she wants to do this.

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Asin said a big “NO NO”

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Asin said a big “NO NO”

There are rumours that the famous Tamil and now Bollywood queen Asin has refused to work Abhishek Bachan. The rumours say that Asin has now got so many proposals to choose from with some of the great actors and actresses of Bollywood. She has some proposals with Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Amir Khan and also Imran Khan as well.

The producer of the movie came to Asin and told about the story. She liked the story and when she asked about the other lead artists she simply refused to work in it. The producer told in his media world of friends that when he told her the name Abhishek as the lead actor she refused it. She was shocked and said she does not want her career to go down the drain.

Asin no doubt has proven herself in Tamil and Bollywood industry. She is good in acting and also very good in dancing as well. She is not like other female actors where some only know dance and some only know how to dance. She is good at both. Asin refusal when came to the media world as rumours made the Bachan family real angry.

There are rumours that Bachan’s family big Bachan has asked his close producer and director friends not to cast Asin in their upcoming movies. The rumours say that some have agreed to it and some are saying that she is the bollywood queen at the moment and she cannot be ignored.

Asin is going on the top so lets see how on top she gets as a bollywood queen.

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Riya Sen’s Navel Show

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Riya Sen’s Navel Show

There are rumours that recently Riya Sen was invited by a local TV’s music program as a guest. She was wearing a Saari. The rumours say that it was not a saari in fact it was complete semi-nude attire. She was in white saari and she cleavage and navel was completely visible.

The format of the music show was that to ask the celebrities about their love about music and their likes and dislikes. The artists who come to show have to sit on a glass table. And from the looks of it she was on purposely showing her cleavage and also on and off making her saree move away so that her navel was clear.

There are rumours that she even had nipple poke which was enjoyed by the guys around the recording. Riya knew what was happening but she did not mind showing it. The show is recording and soon it will be aired on the local music TV channel. So guys keep on viewing.

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Katrina Kaif’s Hungami Ijlaas

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Katrina Kaif’s Hungami Ijlaas

There are rumours taht Katrina Kaif is again going to be a politician in her upcoming movies. This time it is going to be based on a Tamil Societal issues. A Tamil version is also being made but it is not sure if Katrina is going work in it or not. The story of the movie is very interesting. Katrina as we all know is not good in acting but very good in dancing.

She is going to have two roles in the movie. First role will be of a bar girl. She will be full time tharki and naughty girl and she will have a item number in the movie. The second part will be where she marry’s a politician and fights for her right when her husband dies. She asks the party and janta to let her stand in the position of her husband.

This is something new and an idea worth looking at. The rumours say that her item number will be of full intensity and entertainment. Katrina Kaif is an awesome and sexy girl and i am sure she will perform well in this movie as well. The name of the movie is said to be in Hindi Hungami Ijlaas. Hope Katrina Kaif also shows her acting skills as well. The male artists are not known yet.

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Kareena Kapoor slaps Mallika Sherawat

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Kareena Kapoor slaps Mallika Sherawat


There are rumours that Kareena Kapoor recently slapped Mallika Sherawat at a party. What is the reason for this. Well its said that Mallika Sherawat as we know is more famous for item number girl than for her acting skills. She was offered an item song which was extreme hot and sexy and with naughty visuals. Its said that she refused to work in it not that it was a dirty song but because the producer did not agree to the demand of Mallika Sherawat. 

She was demanding more than her worth and producer said no and told her that i will pay Kareena Kapoor that amount of money than you as your not worth that much. So Mallika said in return fine go and pay her and get her.
Well the producer name is kept secret but he did contact Kareena Kapoor and did offer her. Well to his like she accepted the offer. Wow, Kareena Kapoor once again in a sexy dirty song and this time more naughty. Kareena had good terms with the producer and said that she will do the item song. We know these days item songs number trend is back on the track.

This news came out to the Indian cinema and also o Mallika Sherawat who had first refused to work because of monetary value. Now as Kareena had accepted it she got jealous and called up the produced and used bad slang and told him that it should have been her than Kareena. Producer told her to get a grip and move on as the role is now offered to Kareena as she has accepted it. This is something really bad for an item girl to get ignored and more famous and senior actress takes over. This is what happened with Mallika Sherawat as well.

Here comes the interesting part about the slap party. Mallika Sherawat and Kareena Kapoor were invited at a local party. They both had a common friend. None of them knew about they are coming and also the common friend did not know that they had problems between them. Well Mallika approached Kareena and told her in Hindi that she should get a grip and get out of that item song number category.

Kareena said that producer offered and accepted it. But Mallika wanted to do it. This made her angry and finally she tried to slap Mallika Sherawat but in return Kareena slapped Mallika two three times infront of everyone. Mallika also retaliated but could not hit her that hard but Kareena Kapoor was successful with this shot.

Mallika Sherawat left the party at that very time and she was crying at that moment. The common friend tried to stop her but could not. Media tried to contact her but she refused to say anything about it and even Kareena Kapoor refused to say anything about this comment. Well a new war with for an item song has started in bollywood industry. Who will win this war? Kareena the new item girl or Mallika Sherawat the senior item girl will win this war.

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Jessica Simpson in sushi style

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Jessica Simpson in sushi style

There are rumours about Jessica Simpson that she is going to get semi-nude in Japanese style photography. She is working hard these days to lose weight and to get back in shape. Jessica Simpson is offered this assignment by a Japanese magazine who believes that she still has charm and would look good in it.

She will be semi-nude in Japanese style in a sushi figure. She will be wearing a wrapping sheet that would look like a sushi wrap and would get her photographs taken. The sources say that she is happy about this assignment as she has a fan mail from Japan and she adores Japanese people and loves them.

Jessica Simpson semi-nude, would this world for her? She is fat and she has to lose weight a lot. I think she should focus on her singing career. She is a good singer but out of touch these days. She is pretty and to see her semi-nude, i guess something nice for the soar eyes.

Jessica said no when media asked her about it. She said that she is not into photography of such kind. She does not want to show herself to the world. She said that she loves Japanese and food but that does not mean that to go nude for the sake of money. The rumours say that she is going to get 10$ Million. Lets see when she finally reveals herself again.

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Mariah Carey’s busty bikini caught on the beach

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Mariah Carey’s busty bikini caught on the beach

There are rumours that as Mariah Carey is gone big in weight hardly ever go out to parties and on beaches. But recently there are rumours spreading around that she has been seen in bikini at a beach. Mariah Carey with some close friends was seen wearing a thong and a sexy bra.

Hahahhahahha. People do not like to see a big cow in bikini. But it is the media who make us watch. The rumours say that she was looking huge and not sexy at all. Her tummy was bulging out and her ass was too huge to handle. And beauty was that she was a thong. Yes, thong that made her ass look like two big footballs.

There are rumours that she took off her bra to have a complete upper body tan. The people there who saw her had laughed because they were huge but not looking sexy at all. There are rumours that some people even took pictures and made video. At the moment there are not seen anywhere but media is trying to get their hands on the pictures or the video.

Mariah Carey tried to stay calm and behaved like everything is normal. There was a time when was considered as a sexy queen but now the situation is reversed. The rumours say that some people did like her as by face she is still pretty and because of that her body does not look that bad at all.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Do you think it would be a treat to see her in thong? Let’s see if it is really a treat to see.

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Jennifer Lopez Bikini sale

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Jennifer Lopez Bikini sale

There are rumours about the sexy, curvy figure Jennifer Lopez. She is going to have a sale. Like we all have heard the concept of garage sale, she is working on bikini sale. Jennifer Lopez has a reputation of being a sexy girl. She has decided to have all her bikini on sale which she has worn before in movies, parties, beaches and other events.

She is doing this to raise money for a charity which she is associated with it. The name of 
charitable organization is kept secret but it is said that they are into taking care of orphans. Jennifer Lopez has contacted a local management company who is doing all the arrangements for the auction to take place.

Jennifer Lopez wants all the rich class to come and contribute to the cause. She has many rich friends who have already agreed to pay huge amounts of money for this cause. There is another rumour surrounding this bikini sale which is that she is not only selling her bikinis but also she is going to wear those bikinis for the one last time and give a appearance to the person who buys them.

Yes, only to that person in person who buys the bikini. She is not going to work here as a stripper but she is hoping that the person who sees her curvy ass again in that bikini might donate some extra money. Jennifer Lopez is further the pictures taken in the bikini will be sold to a magazine.

She has already contacted some magazines who are ready to them. Let’s see when it takes place.

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Angelina Jolie’s shoot out

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Angelina Jolie’s shoot out

There are rumours that Angelina Jolie is again going crazy over nude photography. She is already working as a ambassador for UNICEF and also considered as a relief worker for the betterment of human life. Angelina Jolie photo shoot is going to be at extreme length. She is getting herself back in shape and working hard to bring her original goodies into a good nice curvy wavelength.

Angelina Jolie has done movie before where has gone nude and did all the things a super star does. She has done lesbian scenes and she has done sex scenes, you name she has done everything. Now, she is going again for the nude photo shoot with one of the famous photographers of the America.

The name of the magazine has not yet been revealed by the rumours. But it is said that she is being paid a handsome amount. A total of 30$ million is the amount that is going to be paid to the actress. Angelina Jolie when contacted by a paparazzi denied such things and said that she is not into such things and do not want to be a part of it. Yes, working in a movie is something else but doing for the heck of money, she is not bothered about it anymore.

The rumours say that it is about the money. She is rich and she does not want the money for herself but actually she is going to give all 30$ million to different charitable organizations. Well, here a questions arises is it good to do such thing and raise money even though that money is going to be used for a good purpose. But how it is collected something to be noted.
I guess people do things just to get more awareness and recognition.

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Taylor Swift t-shirt malfunction photos

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Taylor Swift t-shirt malfunction photos

There are rumours that Taylor Swift recently at a local market of Los Angles town had a t-shirt malfunction. Well, either an intentional or unintentional it was a malfunction after all. Perhaps stars do these things to get media hype and get more famous. Maybe it was unintentional but i have serious doubts that it was.

She was roaming around the markets when people realized that she is Taylor Swift. Well many celebrities are seen in Los Angles markets but Taylor Swift was the eye of the hour because she had nipple poke through her t-shirt. She was roaming with ease as nothing had happened.

The way she was roaming it was like that it was pre-planned. I think she did it on purposely as she had the idea that people are always hustling and bustling at that time of the day and they would take pictures or even make video. That is what rumours have told that pictures were taken and also videos were made.

The rumours say that she was wearing white t-shirt and the nipple poke was so visible that almost everything was clear to the public. Some even took auto graph from her and also made picture with her and she did not mind it at all and just gave them smiles. Something fishy is going on as to expect such gesture from Taylor Swift is really strange. She is still young and has not shown her naked body to the world but to do such thing is really strange.

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