Joe Mauer Catches Anne Hathaway


There are rumors that Anne Hathaway is seeing someone at the moment. Take a wild guess who could be that person. Its none other then Mr. Joe Mauer "mr. catcher". Even though recently Anne Hathaway gave a big movie blunder in her last movie still her fame is on the rocks. She is liked by many throughout the world. So is Joe Mauer.

Joe Mauer had a split with Chelsea Cooley. Some are saying this split is because of Anne Hathaway. Both met each other at a friends party and from there their relationship kicked off. Anne Hathaway is a well known actress and has proven herself in the movies and Joe Mauer has also proven that he is no mug with his catching. And at the moment he is catching on Miss Anne Hathaway.

Both are denying it. Anne Hathaway said that Joe is a national asset to us and he is performing well but that does not mean you start liking someone just like that. She said that she respects him a lot and we have met each other but there was nothing between them. Whereas on the other hand Joe Mauer gave a hint that he is liking someone these days and soon he will reveal it to the media.

Why Anne Hathaway is denying this rumor? Is it because she feels that she has a long career ahead and does not want only for current time any relationship. Recently she did give a flop in the name of "Love, sex and drugs". She herself admitted that was a big blunder and she hopes in future she uses her mind before signing up such a movie.

Joe Mauer is still on the track of saying that he likes someone and to his close friends and colleagues he has revealed the identy of that girl. And majority is saying that it is Anne Hathaway.

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