Pakistan banned from International Cricket


There are rumors spreading out that there might be a ban on some of the test playing nations in cricket. Well the origins of the test playing nations are not yet revealed but the rumors say due to:

1) Security Threat
2) Terrorism
3) Infrastructure
4) Economic Instability

Well if we analyze according to above mentioned reasons the names that come under this category are:

1) Pakistan
2) Srilanka
3) Bangladesh
4) India

Well most probably its not India. At the moment the chief executive and the chairman have Indian Origin so they will not let it ban. Whereas the other options look more feasible especially Pakistan. Well the reports had came earlier as well that one of the or few test playing nations will not be entitled to play cricket in future. The rumors are becoming true day by day. Srilanka also has some problems with Tamil Tigers and Bangladesh economy is also unstable.

If we look at the situation of Pakistan it has become worse in the last 5 years. Rather than going up its going down and down. The Srilankan team attack in Lahore and a bomb blast in Karachi near the hotel where New Zealand team had stayed are some of the reasons that is igniting such rumors.

Already we have seen the ban of Mohammad Amir, Mohammad Asif and Salman Butt. The proof that they are guilty is not provided to the ouside world and also that they are guilty or not only ICC panel knows about it. One of Pakistani channels Duniya TV anchor Mr. Mubashir Lucman is taking action against Mr. Haroon Lougart.

The reason for this lawsuit is that Mr. Lucam pointed out something in a video where Mr.Haroon Lougart is doing a press conference. Mr. Haroon Lougart said that ICC has made a panel that will take care of the England and Pakistan match fixing proceedings and according to the law actions will take place. And in some other conference on record he said that the players will be punished. Well at the time he said that the proceedings had not taken place. So Mr. Mubashir Lucman pointed this out in his program "Khari Baat" on Duniya TV channel 2011.

Mr. Lucman said that the players were still under observation then how come he said that they will be punished. He said that it shows that ICC especially Mr. Haroon Lougart is showing biasdness against Pakistanis and also PCB is not taking any kind of action against such remark.

These news recently and the previous history in Pakistan is generating this rumor that Pakistan might lose its test playing nation credibility. Pakistan cannot play on its own territory. Last time it did Srilankan bus was attacked. Then international pressure of IMF, world bank and other countries by saying that Pakistan is not a stable state anymore.

Such rumors are not only making economy disturb but also the loss of test playing nation is also on the papers. We can all hope to see a unbiased politics, media information and international relations. Otherwise the rumor could be so true for Pakistan and Pakistanis all around the world.

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