Johnny Depp the new Al Capone


There are rumors that Mr. Al Capone  a real American Gangster will have his real life on big screen. There have been movies before and some TV series related to some extent related to it but this time its more real. Al capone on big screen with big stars. Its said that Al capone role will be played by Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp in his last few movies has'nt had a big hit but still no doubt is a great star.

Johnny Depp to play Al Capone would be a treat to watch. The name of the movie is said to be itself "Al Capone". Its also said other hollywood legends will be a part of this movie. Its said that Sir Anthony Hopkins will be a part of this movie as well. Wow. Anthony Hopkins and Johnny Depp together for the first time. It will definitely be a treat to watch.

Anthony Hopkins and Johnny Depp both are great actors in their own respect. To see both of them together will give movie critics and their fans something extraordinary. Also there are rumors that al capone decendants will also be part of this movie. Some say that his family members might also appear in the movie. Thats not for sure. But the director and producer have already contacted Anthony Hopkins and Johnny Depp for the roles and they both have agreed to it.

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