Gaddafi: Dies fighting


Moammar Gaddafi has told his children to him before they could get killed. Its said that nato forces are ready to attack libya and they are just waiting for the orders. Gaddafi does not want his children to suffer. That is why there are rumors that he has fled his children to somewhere safe. Some say its outside libya. They have gone to some other muslim state.

Also there are other rumors about gaddafi female gaurds. He has always been surrounded by beautiful strong 200 female gaurds. Now he wants to be alone fighter. There are rumors that he has said to his female brigade of gaurds to leave as well. He cannot see his beautiful brigade die. But the rumors say the female brigade does not want to leave him as they say we live for gaddafi and we will die for gaddafi. Whatever he is planning to do, we will stay with him.

At the moment no muslim country is with libya and no other non-muslim state is offering help to libya at all. Gaddafi as we all know will not give up that easily and will fight. But he wants to fight alone without his children and female brigade being suffered. Soon the time will tell if this is true or just a rumor. As gaddafi is surrounded and forces in France are ready to attack libyian forces.

Gaddafi will not leave libya thats what the rumors say it means he will have the same fate as did Saddam Hussain. Hope gaddafi will not do suicide like Hitler did even though gaddafi has not been a hitler but in the eyes of international powers he is.

Well we know what is going to happy again. Well it was already told before that libya is also on the list of USA and other international forces for the attack and finally its done. But the question is why again a muslim country. If we look at the history hmmmmmmmm Kashmiris are suffering for the last  63 years. No international country says we should help the kashmiris. And suddenly the international forces say, libyian people need freedom from their own muslim leader. Wow, what a diplomatic approach towards the Muslims. Same thing happened in Egypt and the same thing is happening in Bahrain, Yemen, and also in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Soon all muslim countries will suffer the attack.

The powerful nations say we want peace in the world but where is the peace. They only want peace in Muslim countries that is why they are the ones who get underattacked always. The powerful nations do not realize that peace where there is humanity. And humanity is being lost day by day from these dreadful war attacks.

May God be with us all.

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