Aishwarya Rai is pregnant


There are rumors in bollywood industry regarding Aishwariya rai. Its said that she is pregnant. She got fainted at a shooting in mumbai. First everyone thought it was because of heat and too tiring shoots. But when the doctor was called and she checked it was found out that she is pregnant.

Bachan Family is happy about this and so is the father Abhishek Bachan. Abhishek is so happy that he even has started shopping for the child. But when media approached the bachan family they denied such rumors. They say  there is nothing of such sort. Aishwariya just fainted because of too much work and the heat. She was de-hydrated and that is why the incident happened.

Where as the rumors say she is pregnant and abhishek now does not want aishwariya rai bachan to work anymore till she is ready. Pandits and gurus close to bachan family told them that they have to be very careful otherwise complications might occur for the child and mother.

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