Angelina Jolie Kicked for "No Nudity"


There are rumors that Angelina Jolie has been kicked out of the movie "Salt"sequel. She was going to work in the part 2 as well but there are very true rumors that she had a fight with the director and the director kicked her out. We know she is a big star and has a value worth of millions. Then why did the director got her out. The director Philip Noyce had a qaurrel with her on some movie scene. This quarrel did not stop and went on and on for many days. Finally that quarell led the kick out of Angelina from the movie.

The rumors say that because of this quarrel she slapped Philip Noyce. Its said that Philip wanted Angeline Jolie to go all nude in one scene whereas Angelina said that she will not go nude for some reasons. Firstly she was not told about it earlier. Second, she will not be paid for even if she does it and thirdly which is the most important rumor that she said to the director, there is no need for such scene here. And said to him you do not know how to make a movie.

Finally the quarrel went into a war mode and finally she slapped the director when it was getting out of hands. The director got angry and even tried to slap her back but the crew staff at the production site stopped him. There were rumors that Philip Noyce is going to sue Miss Angelina Jolie but now its said that he kicked her out of the movie for good. Even the producer is with Philip as the producer says that it should have stayed as a quarrel not a war. Angelina started it and its not acceptable.

Now the new lead artist to play in "SALT 2"is said to be Megan Fox. Will she be able to do it or not its yet to be seen.

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