Britney Spears says "Yes" to Playboy


There are rumors surrounding the singing sensation Britney Spears. These rumors about her latest photoshoot which will take place this year. Britney is already very bold and naughty. She has broken all the rules of engagement in celebrity stunts. She is afraid of no one and wants to do more. She is currently thinking of signing a contact with playboy. Playboy has offered an awesome reward for being completely naked at her current weight and figure.

Britney Spears is reviewing the offer and the rumors say that there is probable chance that she might accept the offer. The reward is good and also the fame she is going to get will be great. Playboy is going to release the photoshoot not only in their magazine edition but it will be offered online as well to their existing customers. This will be the first time when playboy launches a photoshoot online as well as in the magazine.

Britney Spears is happy about the fact that playboy has considered her as a worth while component in hot category. Britney Spears recently launched hit single was a success. But still she has'nt got the success she got when she was launched. I guess she wants to get back into the same fame of mind which she used to be. I guess that is why she is thinking of singing the playboy deal.

Britney Spears also said to her close friends that the money is offered is not just for revealing the skin but its also for how to show it. She said there is a twist to it and that is a little scary. The rumors say that she will play for playboy with some hot and sexy boys around her who will also be nude. Those young lads will work as her apparel. Wow. Britney Spears in her new attire of boys that will be something awesome to see.

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