Selena Gomez "Dies"


There are rumors that Selena Gomez has recorded a new song named "Dies". This is really strange by a young popstar to sing a song titled "Dies". Well rumors are saying it is because of the seperation between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. They both are seen together but they are not happy. There are some reasons due to which they both require time out.

Some say that Justin Bieber has found someone new in his life. The name of that person is Taylor Swift. Well do they really go together. Hmmmmmmmmm. Some rumors say that its because of Selena Gomez interest in Daniel Radcliffe. Actually i guess its neither of the rumors because she sang a song "Dies" which shows that something is not going write between her and Justin Bieber.

The rumors say that she has dedicated this song to Justin Bieber and have told him about her concerns regarding their relationship. The song title is not yet revealed but are said to be very heart breaking. The song is not in fast beat but set in a very soft and melodious tone. Its said that the fans will love the song but will Justin Bieber really split with Selena Gomez.

The song "Dies" by Selena Gomez will simply rock the media and teenagers and youngster when released. Currently Selena Gomez is trying her level best to sort out the problems between them. But if the things do not work out the rumors say that she will release the song. At the moment she has no plans to release it. Its only a recorded song just for Justin Bieber to realize her passions and love for him.

Hope Justin Bieber do realizes that Selena Gomez new song "DIES" is only for her. And she only recorded it just for him. Fans of Selena Gomez would definitely want to hear the song but they will never hear it if they split and from the looks of it they might seperate soosn.

The song title "DIES" which means dying or death is really a heart breaking thing for Selena Gomez. Whereas Justin Bieber is enjoying his lime light and i say why should'nt he. He is a celebrity after all.

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