Paris Hilton with big Headlights after transplant surgery


There are rumors that Paris Hilton will take on breast transplant surgery. She is tired of her skinny figure. Even though in the last few years she has gained weight but not on the things she wanted. She is at the moment consulting her friends to recommend her good doctors. The close friends are those who already had some kind of plastic surgery.

Paris Hilton breast transplant. Does she really need it? The question is as to why she is going for it. She is already famous. Known throughout the world. She has no income problem. Dam rich and has everything in the world. I guess not everything and that is why she wants them.

The main point of this story in this rumor is that she is doing it for her boyfriend. Well not the current boyfriend but her last boyfriend Mr. Doug Reinhardt. He wanted Paris to have big and awesome head lights. Doug always complained about it but she never listened to him. And why should she, hey its Paris Hilton you cannot dictate her.

But now when she is seeing someone new there she realizes that she needs. Her new boyfriend identity unknown wants her to have the transplant. This is the main reason Paris is going to go under breast transplant surgery.

When media contact her and her close friend Nicole they both said Whatever. This means something is cooking but they are not letting up the hood for the smoke to come out. Soon it will be revealed. I guess when  we will see her public appearance after few months we will all know what is big and what is small.

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