Sarah Jessica Parker Wardrobe Malfunction

There are rumors that Sarah Jessica Parker had a wardrobe malfunction incident at a private party in Los Angles, California, USA.  She was invited by her close friend. She wore a Gucci Dress and seemed happy about it as that dress cost around 50,000 US $.

Everything was going fine when she realised something is not right at the top right of the shoulder. She could feel that its lose but thought that its just her imagination. After a while she realised that it when every single guy at the party was looking at her headlights.

Actually her the dress from the top right side of the shoulder had loosen up and it fell down. She was not wearing a bra so her one goody bag was visible to everyone at the party. Every single guy enjoyed it. There are rumors that her hubby Mathew was also present there but by the time he could do anything the show was already seen.

There are rumors that some have taken pictures and also video of the scene but they are yet to be seen on the internet or youtube. The paparazzi are looking into it and have spread the word around of Sarah Jessica Parker’s private party wardrobe malfunction pictures or video.

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