Ivanka Trump leads Apprentice India


Ivanka Trump to start her own reality show under the flagship of Original American Apprentice show. Her father asked to do this. The show is going to take place first time in India. Yes, India is going to get the honor of getting the original Apprentice program and Donald Trump's Daughter will be the leader in that program. There are other rumors that two more females are going to sit side by side by Ivanka Trump.

 The other two ladies who have successfully made their careers. One is said to be Sushmita Sen as she has been the Miss Universe and the other is legendary Actress Karishma Kapoor. Wow. Three female legends altogether. Two famous in modeling and the third one in acting are going to lead the awesome show apprentice India.

This is something worth to watch. As we know the apprentice show has made waves throughout the world. Now India gets the privilege to be a part of it. Ivanka Trump we know had some issues related to her career and modeling but now i guess her father is supporting her and giving a her a direction to move in her life. She is spoiled but in a more professional way. She is not like Paris Hilton who is brainless.

 Whereas Ivanka got beauty and also brains both. Paris Hilton only knows how to spend money but not how to make money. Ivanka Is totally opposite of her. She is now following her father footsteps and now going to run an empire in India.

The other two ladies are awesome in their own respect. Sushmita Sen the legend has recently lost weight and is doing wonders for herself. Sushmita recently did photoshoot for a Pakistani Brand Crescent Lawn and in this work she took 3 crore Rupees just for a total of 10 different dress photoshoot. Well, lets not go into the money thing as we are here to talk about Sush's work in Apprentice India. Its going to be huge and awesome.  Media personal have tried to to contact Sushmita Sen but she is refusing to talk about anything related to it. So it means something is on board.

The other legend Karishma Kapoor i guess its her return to the more bigger picture that is the TV. She is out of the limelight after she got married but now is coming back with this program. She got class and attitude of her own. Now all three celebrity power combined i am sure it will give a big boost to the Indian TV.

One thing to note here that its the first time a reality show of Apprentice is going to be taken care by three strong celebrities.

Ivanka Trump: Donald Trump's Daughter
Sushmita Sen: Indian Miss Universe and Model
Karishma Kapoor: The awesome actress of her time

Wow it will be awesome to see all three beautiful and brainy girls together.

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