Jennifer Lopez connecting with Shia Labeouf


Jennifer Lopez is working hard these days for her upcoming movie. Actually rumors say that she is not concerned about the movie that much than the hero of the movie. The hero of the movie is Shia Labeouf. Wow. Jennifer lopez and shia labeouf is there any connection between them.

They both met when the production of the movie had started. Shia is a big fan of jennifer lopez as a singer as well as an actress. Shia actually did not want to get into it but the rumors say that both are seen on the sets and also off the sets. After the shooting both go out for shopping, dinners and some said to dance parties as well. If we look at the age difference well we know what is it but i guess love has not boundaries at all.

jennifer lopez having countless relationships is getting into another knot. i guess shia labeouf do not mind enjoying something coming towards him. When media approached both denied the rumors and said that they are both good colleagues and there is no connect of such sort between them.

Jennifer lopez is working on sci-fi movie with shia labeouf. the movie is on aliens and both j lo and shia are sent to save a planet. also there are rumors that jennifer lopez and shia labeouf for the first time have made physical scenes in the movie. rumors said that none of them were nervous about it. infact both of them enjoyed the scenes and were happy about it.

Well J Lo and Shia hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i guess really no connection but both are connecting these days.

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