Bipasha Basu seen with Shoaib Akhtar


Shoaib Akhtar is having an affair with indian model cum actress bipasha basu. They met each other in srilanka at a dance party. After the break up from john abraham she wanted some peace of mind but infact she got a shoulder to rely on in the form of shoaib akhtar.

When media tried to ask both of them, they both denied the rumors and said that we met but there is nothing between them. But of them have been seen together. There are rumors that bipasha is going into her own movie production and she wants to take shoaib akhtar as a hero in her movie and obviously she will be the heroin. Shoaib akhtar is playing his last world cup and mostly probably the last time for pakistan as well. As he has told on the media that this is my last world cup. So if pakistan wins it he will definitely give it up. And he has also told on media that he has been offered to work in indian movies. So lets see if he takes up movies after his cricketing career ends.

Anyways the rumors of bipasha and shoaib together are becoming true. Bipasha likes shoaib and since the time they have met each other, they both have seen together in different parties and events. She is also seen in srilanka during the cricket world cup 2011.

Bipasha Basu now with another man shoaib akhtar i guess she will never quit from having new guys in her life. I guess her life, her decisio but this decision will give thrilling news to the media.

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