Daniel Radcliffe to be a Singer


Daniel Radcliffe of harry potter is also set to launch himself in a new career. He has a passion for music and his long dream to be a musician and singer is finally coming true. There are rumors that he is about to sign of a multi-million dollar contract with virgin records.

Not only he  is going to sing, he is also giving music to some of his songs. I guess another treat for his female fans. Already millions love him for his cute smile and cute looks. Now his songs will be a beautiful symphony for millions of girls around the world.

When media approached daniel he denied such rumors. He said that his main focus now is the launch of second part of the deathly hollows. He is more concern about his movie career than singing. But rumors say that he is happy about the singing phenomenon. It was his childhood dream and its coming true. Its also said that he might even sing for one of the sound tracks for deathly hollows part 2.

Daniel Radcliffe the child sensation coming out with his own piece of music. What else he is going to do? But as he is famous i am sure his songs would hit as well. Next question would be justin bieber, selena gomez, miley cyrus will consider him a threat, what are they going to do about it.

Daniel Radcliffe Hurrah

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