Miley Cyrus Quits Smoking


Miley Cyrus the fame girl from Hannah Montanna is surrounded by some rumors that will shock her fans and the teenagers and also their parents. There are rumors that she has quit smoking. What? Quit smoking. Well when did she started it. Well it means that she was a smoker and to some extent some say she used to have some sort of drugs as well. But finally now with friends and family help she has quit smoking and is now coming back to her senses. She started smoking when her father and mother were going through a bad patch and their daily fights led her to tension. She used to relieve herself from tension by smoking.

After the divorce of her father she was more depressed and sad. So her smoking habits had become very severe  but finally his close personal say that she had quit it. Well thank God no smoking picture of Miley Cyrus came out on the internet or in any magazine, otherwise her image would have been destroyed.

Even now when media personal approached her about the smoking she said she never knew herself that she smokes. Well the media people also asked her if you are not a smoker then how come these days you have chewing gum in your mouth. The media poeple tried to relate the chewing gum with a specific quit smoking chewing gum.

Miley Cyrus completely shunned at the rumor and said there is no truth in it. Actually many are saying that she is denying the fact she used to it. I guess every celebrity does and especially when teenagers are related to a celebrity they are more cautious. I am sure soon she will reveal her secrets out to the whole world.

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