Deepika Padukone in love again with M S Dhoni


Mahinder Singh Dhoni is back with Deepika Padukone. Deepika is seen in some of the indian matches played in the world cup 2011. Also it was said that the indian team where they were staying dhoni was seen with deepika. Rumors are saying that they have tied the knot again and now are more than friends.
Dhoni on the other hand denied such rumors and said that there is no truth in them. Yes, deepika is a good friend of mine and i have know her for many years now so that does not mean that we are having some kind of relationship.
When media approached Deepika she also said the same thing and also said that we both have careers to focus on and at the moment dhoni's career is on more focus as its icc cricket world cup 2011. But rumors say that deepkia is in love with dhoni and she wants to tie the knot forever. This time this relationship will be given a name by deepika. The rumors are becoming true but only time will if dhoni and deepika will get married this year.

There are rumors that if India wins the cricket world cup 2011 under the supervision of Dhoni he might announce his relationship with deepika to the world. Lets see what happens for team india and the indian captain dhoni and the miss future dhoni deepika padukone.

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