Albert Pujols hits Selena Gomez


There are rumors that the famous baseball player is going crazy over a more younger sensation. The baseball player is Albert Pujols and that young sensation is Selena Gomez. Yes, the rumors are becoming true. He likes the singing of Selena Gomez and he has revealed his love for her as well to his friends.

Albert Pujols we know is an awesome baseball player and enjoys his first base position likes Selena Gomez. Is there anything between them infact i should say could there be anything between them. Yes both of them are celebrities in their own right but they are two extremes. Selena has a bubly appearance whereas Albert Pujols is strong and shows guts.

Well when media approached him he said i like her singing and thats it so there is nothing more. He said that he is a normal person like many so he has the right to like and dislike anyone. So at the moment Selena only because of singing is his favorite. But his close friends and colleagues have said that he likes her more than her singing ability. His close friends say that he knows about Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber relationship but he also said that there are rumors of them breaking up or they might already have.

Albert Pujols i guess wants a young girl in his life and that is why he has been seen in those parties where Selena Gomez has gone. This will be big scoop for the media if this becomes true. Albert Pujols i guess has a crush on young girls and at the moment his home run is Selena Gomez. I guess both of them do not look bad.

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