Riya Sen’s Arse Attack

There are rumours that recently Riya Sen had an accident and it was very funny. Usually people have accidents and break their body parts or even die. This time Riya Sen had nothing broken but had something bitten. She got her ass bitten by a monkey. Hhahhahahahahhahaaha. She was shooting in Shimla for her next movie where she had a scene in which monkeys were involved.

The director of the movie said that it is just a small scene of the movie so they will hire only two or three trained monkeys and rest will be around the area as usually there are monkeys in those areas. The shooting started. Take 1 did not work out as the trained monkeys were trying to avoid Riya Sen. She just had to feed them in her sexy mini skirt.

The scene was that she bends down and her cleavage is visible and also her skirt gets an up skirt so her panty is visible. One of the trained monkeys first avoided her but in the third take he did it. He bit her ass. Everyone at first could not believe what happened but later on they laughed at it except Riya who was injured.

But it was funny to get your ass bitten by a monkey. Usually monkeys do not bite. But the thing is that on her panty there were small bananas shape symbol and most probably the monkey thought that it is a banana and bit her.

She was taken to hospital. There is a rumour related to it that soon the pictures and the video of this ass attack will be on internet. And as usual Riya Sen is not worried about anything if the world sees her almost naked again.

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