Rose Mcgowan Under Attack


There are rumors about the sizzling Italian American singer cum Actress Rose Mcgowan. She is under attacked by a local guy who has filed a law suit against the actress. Its said that the law suit is almost about 10 million dollars worth in total and the Rose has received that letter as well. The reason it happened because Rose Mcgowan hit his car while she was reversing from a car parking. At that particular time that guy said its ok. You are my favorite actress and he even took her autograph as well. But later on after few days she received a law suit file from that guy.

Rose Mcgowan at the moment is not into movies and neither singing. She is already in deep trouble because of her defame and her relationships. Now this thing has really ignited her anger. She wants to get out of fuss but now this thing is giving her nerve wreck. Its said that she talked to that guy again and said that she sorry to him again but he refused to accept it and said i want money because you destroyed my car and now i want money as i got hurt. Well the identity of that guy is still unknown but its sure shot that something is happening in the life of Rose Mcgowan.

Also there are rumors that Rose Mcgowan was about to launch her own lingerie brand. But now because of this incident it has gone back into the attic. Rose Mcgowan is talking to her lawyers now and telling them that the guy is actually stalking her and she had said sorry to him and he had accepted it. And Rose had offered him the money for the loss but he refused saying that you are our asset and above all you are my favorite actress so i cannot accept money only your autograph.

Well, well, well Rose Mcgowan is in trouble. Lets hope something good turns out for her and also this is just a rumor, if not then otherwise media will make a heck of a news out of it.

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