Paris Hilton seen with Bruce Willis


There are rumors that Bruce Willis and Paris Hilton are seen together at parties and dinners. Is there something going on between them. Actually the rumors say that its not about that they are in some relationship but they are going to work together in the 5th sequel of Die Hard movie. Yes, the rumors say that the director producer have chosen Bruce Willis and Paris Hilton to work in the Die Hard 5.

Paris Hilton is not going to work as a daughter for Bruce but as his co-star. She is going to be her partner and she will assist Bruce in competing against the enemies. Bruce Willis we all know is the best action hero. He has always given an awesome performance in movies and in action movies he is the best. Now he is going to work with a sizzling sensation Paris Hilton who has been in the news for majority of naughty reasons.

Will also be naughty in the movie with Bruce Willis. That is something to see worth while. Its said that they might be some physical scenes as well of both of them. Paris does not mind it and Bruce as we know does not mind it as well.

The story is going to be awesome thats what the rumors say and for the first time we will see a naughty icon with a super hero icon. Hope everything works out well for both of them as Paris Hilton is said to be working really hard for this movie and is taking martial art classes.

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