John Cena in No Holds Bar at Wrestle Mania 27


There are rumors about John Cena related to wrestle mania 27. The rumors say that John Cena is going to bring his family to watch the match. The MIZ is the other hand said that Cena will lose and he will get help from his friends as well. John Cena a champion of champions is not afraid of MIZ and is ready to fight him on any terrain. Well bringing family is not the big rumor. There is another report related to this rumor which is the most important.

The rumor says that the match between The MIZ and John Cena will be no holds bars which means everything goes. At the moment its not announced and infact its just a rumor. But on the day of the match before it starts it will be announced by none other Vince Mcmahon. Yes he will be back in wrestle mania as we all know he is the original boss and he cannot be left of the main WWE event.

The MIZ is all prepared and as he knows about this rumor so he is preparing his escort of men to help him in winning this match. On the other hand John Cena is not worried about this rumor and says that nothing will go wrong as he is well prepared and he will win the title back.

And also he said if this becomes true still nothing to worried as his family is there to help him and American Culture is always and always will be by helping the family members.

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