New Zealand smacks Pakistani bowling

Pakistan Vs New Zealand Match - Cricket world cup 2011

Today's Match between pakistan and new zealand a thriller is on. Some blunders have been made today. Number one blunder has to be fielding.

Poor Pakistani Fielding

One man who is to blamed for the most is Kamran Akmal. He dropped three catches today. Two catches were dropped of Ross Taylor who now thanks to Kamran Akmal scored 100 plus runs. Kamran Akmal first dropped ross taylor at zero. Then in the very same over he dropped him again at the bowling of Shoaib Akhtar. Then he dropped Guptill of the bowling of Shahid Afridi. Well if kamran akmal had taken the catch of ross taylor then obviously the story would have been completely different.

Next the ground fielding was very poor. Starting off with Shoaib Akhtar he gave away few runs. Then Abdul Razak, Younis Khan, Umar Gul and to some extrent Shahid Afridi as well. Overall it was a poor fielding effort from the Pakistani side. Almost 30 plus runs have been given away because of it.

Poor bowling

Other than shahid afridi and umar gul the other bowlers went for towering sixes and fours. Shahid afridi and umar gul lifted his game but the other bowlers screwed the whole thing. Shoaib akhtar went for 27 runs in an over. Abdul Razzak went for 26 plus runs in an over at the end of the innings. So many senior players in the team but they all messed it up. Abdul Rehman also went for more than 16 runs in the last over the innings.


Another drawback was the extras given. Almost 25 plus extras were given to the New Zealand. What should have been only 10 or 15 or even less pakistani team went for 25 plus. This is something we are not controlling it in previous games as well. This time simply let our selves murdered by our own recipe.

I guess what pakistan planned for and was doing good just lost their way on the way. What should have been an easy total by new zealand for pakistan to chase went all down the gutter. Pakistani team showed today that they are the worlds most unpredictable team. One day they will out perform any opponent easily and on the other day they will simply make fool out of themselves. Like pakistani cricket team did today.

A total 302 is made by new zealand. pakistan will have to play at their best and show the world that they are the winners. Who will do it for pakistan. Ahmad Shezad and M. hafeez or it will be the captain himself. Or the old veterans will perform. Its all dependent on younis khan and misbah to stay their till the end. Lets hope to see a thriller.

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