ICC to start Mix-Gender Cricket


ICC cricket world cup to stop playing champions trophy. The ICC chairman says that its not possible to play champions trophy this year due to busy schedule of the playing nations. They want instead another championship and that is of test championship.

Other reasons that are said are security issues. The asian countries are becoming biggest threat to other countries and to play in asian countries is always a worry for ICC. There are other rumors for the first time in the history of cricket to start mix-gender cricket. That is to play with male and female together. This is something really strange but ICC is planning to do so.

It is said that they want to increase and improve the quality of woman cricket and this can only be done by playing mixed gender matches. This would be done on testing phase but if it works out well then series and championships will be conducted.

Man ICC is going crazy. They should focus seperately. If they did it together like tennis i am telling you more drama will occur. And possible chances are that a squad of 15 will go to play the match but will return with a sqaud of 16.

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