Madonna's Daughter Lourdes Ciccone modelling career

Madonna’s beautiful daughter Lourdes Ciccone soon will come to the entertainment industry. The rumours say that she wants to become a singer. Some rumours say that she does not like singing but loves modelling. And there are rumours that she wants to be an actress. At the moment she is young and cute and still a long way to go.

So  what she wants to be lets find out in this report. Lourdes Ciccone wants to become a model. Madonna a singer who also did modelling and acting but known more for her singing wants her daughter to do what she wants. So she wants to go into modelling career. Lourdes is pretty and has looks but is she really got what a model should have.

At the moment Madonna is looking for a true mentor who will teach her daughter modelling skills, presentation skills and communication skills. She wants the best of the best for her daughter. Lourdes has not revealed what she wants but rumours that it is the modelling career she has chosen first. Yes first, means that she will go into singing and acting later on but first passion is modelling.

Lourdes Ciccone looks a lot like her mother. Her smile and eyes resemble completely to her mother’s. Lourdes a young girl who has not even done any entertainment assignment is already famous. Paparazzi are crazy to take her pictures from every single angle. When she steps out of her home Lourdes simple becomes the star for the photographers.  Lets see when this rumours becomes real.
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