Taylor Swift caught in bikini with Daniel Radcliffe

There are rumours about this cute young singing sensation that are making waves in the Hollywood industry. She was caught in bikini with Daniel Radcliffe. Yes, Daniel the harry potter star. They both were seen on a French beach. The meeting was kept private as it was at a local hotel beach. They had no idea that media and the paparazzi were following them.

Both of them were enjoying the beach and the sun. They had shared kisses and hugs and showed affection for each other. They did not know that media was looking at them from far away. The media could not enter the hotel because of the stars but they had found a far away spot to spot the stars.

The rumours say that Taylor Swift was in a black colour two piece bikini. Both the bikini pieces were very revealing. Everything was visible from the looks of it. The rumours say that Taylor had a nipple poke in it. Daniel was also looking hot and stunning. Taylor was going crazy for Daniel. From the looks of it looked like that both had known each for a long time.

Daniel and Taylor looked happy. The ex of Daniel does not look that good and she is very simple girl who is not from the media world. But Taylor swift a media girl is now making waves with this rumour. Media has taken their pictures and also videos have been made but still not available for the general public on internet.

The rumours say that the pictures and video will be sold to a magazine. The deal is being finalized and soon it will be revealed.

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