Paris Hilton is pregnant

There are rumours that Paris Hilton recently had an accident. She was at her hotel room with her friend when she fainted. The hotel doctor was asked to check her and from his diagnose he said that from the looks of it she looks pregnant. The rumours say that Paris screamed when she heard this pregnancy news.

Paris was not expecting such thing. She said to the doctor that he might be wrong and it must be a normal faint accident than the pregnancy itself. Later, her tests were taken which proved that she is pregnant. At the moment, this news has been kept secret so that the media does not get their hands on Paris.

The media got the news and the rumours are surrounding around the Hollywood arena. The rumours are not that Paris is pregnant. The rumours that are making waves is who is the father of the child. As recently Paris has been very low profile and not performing out in dance parties or other local events.

But now as the news is coming out of her pregnancy the question next is who the father is. Media is pin pointing fingers at some actors and saying that they might be the respective father. Some media members are pointing fingers at Gregory Wilson. Well, the media itself does not know about Gregory Wilson as he is not a celebrity nor a media person but a close friend of Paris.
Let’s see what happens if this rumour becomes true or not.

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