Jennifer Lopez caught stealing

There are rumours that Jennifer Lopez at a local store in Los Angles town was caught red handed for stealing a Gucci Scarf and a Calvin Klein’s top. To the amazement of the store manager Jennifer Lopez said that she was not stealing it as she had tried them on and forgot to take them off when she was going out of the store.

The store manager on the other hand said that if that was the case then usually in such scenarios only one thing is taken like that by mistake and not by chance. Here, the scenario was different where two different things were being taken. The store manager told the actress cum singer that it is a crime which she had committed.

Jennifer Lopez completely denied it. She said that she is so rich that she can buy the whole store so why would she need to steel it. The store manager called the police to take care of this situation. The police came in and talked to both the parties and also watched the CCTV footage.
The CCTV footage made everything clear that it did not look like that she was stealing but from the looks of the things besides the footage it did look like a crime. But after talking some sense to the store manager by the police all the charges were dropped. The store manager also said sorry and Jennifer Lopez said sorry to the store authorities.

It was a high drama as we all know that we usually go to a store and try out something and its normally one thing that we would take out with us while leaving the store and that too by a chance. But here the scenario was different as she took two things from different departments of the store. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. J Lo your looking suspicious.

The local media networks are trying to get their hands on the CCTV footage but the store authorities are not selling it.

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