Lindsay Lohan’s Insomnia

There are rumours that while Lindsay was in house jail for the crime she did something had happened in that house. She has not revealed it to the media but she is so afraid if that thing comes out on media then her career or more than her career she will go in depression. Because of this fact she is having insomnia these days.

Lindsay Lohan during her house jail had to stay there in the house and go out nowhere. The rumours say that she used to ask her friends to visit her and have a party. She did it and had a lot of fun. Her friends had brought a long some guys with her. Out of which she liked one of them and wanted to date him.

She could not leave the house so she used to ask that boy to come over and visit her almost on daily basis. The young lad did and they both enjoyed and stayed together for many nights. Everything was going smoothly till she found out that the guy has taken her nude photos and not 
only that he also made videos of both having sex together.

The rumours say that during sex Lindsay Lohan did every naughty thing she could imagine in sex and all this is caught on tape. She found about it when she saw her nude photo in the guy’s mobile. She asked him and said sorry i had just taken one photo and said that delete it. Lindsay did delete it but she knows that the guy is liar.

Linday is afraid and she has asked the local authorities to check on this case. Lindsay believes that the guy has also made a video as she remembers that during one of their sex nights she saw a small dot light in the room and she believes it was a camera. Before the video and the pictures go out on internet or anywhere else she wants them to be deleted.

The authorities have arrested the young guy and he is under investigation. They have not revealed the name of that guy but he is under strict monitoring.

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