Justin Bieber Billie Jeans Performance

There are rumours that Justin Bieber is officially going to sing Billie Jeans and is going to break dance in the music video. Justin Bieber has officially signed a contract with Sony Music Company to sing Billie Jeans again. The copy rights of the sing are with Sony music records and they have agreed and signed the contract.

The company believes that the next super star of many generations to come is Justin Bieber. Justin rocks in the hearts of millions and he has a long way to go as a super star. The company feels happy with the contract. When the media contacted Justin and Sony music records they both denied such rumours.

Justin said that Michael Jackson is a Legend and he is still his inspiration. He says thats it is honour that fans think of him as the next super star of all generations but says that he cannot even come close to Michael Jackson Image. Justin said that he loves Michale Jackson and cannot even think of singing Billie jeans again.

The rumours say that Sony music records have also denied and said that it’s just rumours. We know that Justin is a super star but to make him sing Billie Jeans again is not right and also these are just rumours roaming around the music industry. Many are saying that he might and many are saying he will not.

Only time will tell what is true.

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