Kareena Kapoor’s secret marriage

There are rumours that Kareena Kapoor has secretly married to Saif Ali Khan. The sources say that it was a very private gathering attended only by relatives of respective actors. The gathering took place at the home of Saif Ali Khan’s Pushtaini Haveli. His father and mother and sister with other relatives were present there. Kareena’s immediate family members were also present there. No other super star or friend was present.

This rumour came out when one of their common friend who was drunk revealed this story that Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan got married. Also there are rumours that the shadi was conducted both in Islamic way and also with Indian religion rituals. First they got married through Nikkah and after this ceremony they got married again with Indian Shadi Rituals. Well a Mandir was made in their home just to perform this marriage ritual.

When media tried to contact them about this they both said that the entire world knows that they love each other and there is nothing to hide. If we want to get married then the whole world will know about it. So this is a rumour and not true at all by any means. Recently, we have seen that Kareena Kapoor has gained weight and also she has started wearing more saari’s then her traditional sexy hi-fi style clothing.

This is usually done by a girl when she gets married or something like that. So this shows that something has happened between them but currently both of them are denying this fact. Saif is showing that he is busy in movies and actually he is not working in any movie at the moment. Kareena is showing that she is very busy in movies but actually she is doing only one movie currently but mostly she is seen with Saif at local parties.
Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Things are looking fishy and soon the secret will be out.

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