Miley Cyrus skirt Up Skirt

There are rumours that recently Miley Cyrus had a big blunder mistake at a local gathering at her friends place. She was enjoying the party and remembering the old times she had enjoyed with her old school mates. She did not realize that her friends were also taking pictures and filming the party.

Miley Cyrus is good in front of the camera but everyone gets scared when the camera goes under your skirt. She was sitting with her friends at the balcony when the incident happened. She was enjoying it when it all happened. She was just about to cross her legs when because of the wind her long skirt had an Up Skirt. Hahahhahahahhaha.

First there was a laugh there but then she felt embarrassed and tried to hide her legs. This is a normal for a super star that had up skirts, wardrobe malfunctions and other bikini shoots. Something else happened. She was not wearing underwear. She was completely naked below her skirt.

The filming and pictures taken made Miley worried about it. She had asked her friends to show the pictures and video about it and said delete such pictures and video. She requested them and they deleted it. Miley Cyrus was happy about it but soon she realized that there were rumours about that incident.

This thing scared her and is still worried if the pictures or video still came out even though her friends had deleted them. Soon we will see such stuff on website or youtube.

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