Angelina Jolie Lip –O- Suction

There are rumours that Angelina Jolie who is loved by million because of her lips is now going under surgery. Many believe that she had cosmetic surgery of her lips and it was re did as it was not natural. Now, Angelina Jolie due to some circumstances, rumours say that she is going again under cosmetic surgery.

The rumours say that due to previous cosmetic surgery there is a fungal disease near the lips area and that is causing skin allergy and other mouth related problems. At first she ignored it but later on it became a big problem for her. Angelina Jolie famous for her juicy delicious and big thick lips cosmetic surgery was already worth millions and now the doctors are saying that it is also going to cost her millions.

There are rumours that a total of 3$ million worth of cosmetic surgery cost is expected. The doctors first are going to remove the implants inside the lips and then they will wait for the fungal disease to go away naturally with the help of some medicines. After few weeks they will do another surgery to that will bring back the original lips of the actress.

Then again after 2 months time when everything is normal the doctors are going to do another surgery for the big lips implants. This time the rumours say that Angelina Jolie wants more big lips and more delicious. The rumours say that Angelina Jolie as we know have a big mouth, so she wants bigger lips but nice ones that complement her mouth.

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