Lindsay Lohan is poor now

There are rumours that Lindsay Lohan after getting out of the house jail she came to her friend’s place to stay. There she stayed for few days and in these days she also visited the market as well. One day, she was roaming about when she found that her Bermuda shorts are torn off from the back side and her panty was visible she simply screamed.

A few guys there said Lindsay you got poor, Lindsay your ass is out, Lindsay who ripped off your Bermuda then she realized that something is wrong. When she put her hands on the back side of her ass she found that its torn off and screamed. She ran as fast as she could from there and went inside a mall to find a clothing shop.

Finally, she did and changed her Bermuda shorts to a sexy black skirt. She was embarrassed about the situation but could not do anything about it. From there she decided to quickly go home before anything else happens. She was about to leave when she realized that the mall had cameras and as her ass was visible so they might have recorded something.

She contacted the Mall authorities about it and they said that nothing is there and she is safe. There are rumours that her video is about to be sold to an internet blog company who want to buy it. They are ready to offer good amount of money for it. This is something that is making Lindsay worried about it.

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