Taylor Swift makes a drift

There is a rumour that for the first time Taylor Swift is going to work in a Hollywood movie. The movie is going to be action pack and is about racing. The deal is under way with her and good handsome amount is being paid to her. The money is almost 15$ million.

The rumours say that Taylor Swift has agreed to the contract but not yet signed it but soon she will. Taylor Swift will make a drift in the movie as it is about racing and fast cars. The producer has claimed that it is not going to be like fast and furious but much more than that.

The rumours say that Taylor is working out these days to make muscles and have action pack training as she is going to perform fighting scenes in the movie. The co-stars of Taylor Swift have not been revealed yet but the rumours that Jason Statham is going to play the lead role in the movie.

Taylor Swift and Jason Statham i guess is a very nice combination and will work out well. Taylor Swift is also going to sing for the movie so she is currently working on the sound track of the movie. She is going to sing a total of two songs in the movie. One is going to be a fast track and one will be a love song.

Taylor Swift the sweet sexy girl to be a super action girl is something hot and worth watching.

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