Jennifer Lopez bust busted

There are rumours that Jennifer Lopez who is part of American Idol is sick, tired and annoyed at someone because of a video that is going to be released. This video is about Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer Lopez was dating someone which by chance media did not know about it. But the rumours say that person was a very close and dear friend of her.

Anyways Jennifer Lopez problem is the video. What is inside the video that is worth reading? Jennifer Lopez as we know is already under immense pressure because of her ex-husband video scandal now this new scandal is out in the Hollywood arena. She recently had some sex pleasures with that guy and that guy deceived her and made the sex video.

If the video was about just kissing i am sure Jennifer Lopez would have not mind it at all. But the video is about the bust cracking of Jennifer Lopez. The rumours say that to extreme lengths she had her bust busted by that guy. She had fun like she never had before. The rumours also say that she wanted that guy just as a fun not as a lover and she did.

But that guy made the video and is now in the market for selling to very high end porn companies. The rumours say that the companies are ready to buy the video for millions of dollars. Jennifer Lopez is denying such rumours but they are the talk of the town. The media is portraying her as a Bitch who is wondering out every now and then with a new guy.

Jennifer Lopez image is at stake. But as we know Hollywood celebrities are geniuses and they do come out of such drama with another great drama.

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