Jessica Simpson’s Crash Landing

There are rumours that Jessica Simpson now a days have craze for flying. She enjoyed a game on XBOX 360 and from there she decided that she is going to learn flying. She has started taking some classes and she is still under learning experience. Jessica is taking flying classes from a local trainer in Los Angles.

Jessica Simpson believes that flying is something made her relax. She revealed to her friends that while playing aeroplane games on XBOX 360 and on her iphone she learnt that flying is so much fun and she should learn it. She discussed it with a friend and from there it all started.
Jessica Simpson at the moment has only few hours of learning experience. Well, there is another rumour related to it. Recently, while flying with her instructor she met an accident. 

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, actually Jessica’s flying was the cause of the accident. The rumours say that she was learning how to land an aeroplane.

The rumours say the second time while she was landing the plane she closed her eyes and the plane from 90 degree landing went towards a 120 degree steering lead to an accident and the plane went off from the run way. The pilot her trainer was really good and took care of the situation and steer the aeroplane from a major accident.

No one was hurt in the accident but the plane took some bruises hahahhahahha. Hopefully Jessica will not give her passion for flying after this accident. When the media asked her about flying she simply said whose flying. So Jessica is simply ignoring that she is not even getting any training.

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