Ryan Reynolds in "The Change Up"

Ryan Reynolds is busy these days with his upcoming movies. His Green Latern is about to be released and his another movie a comedy flick by the name of The Change up is about to come soon as well. His Co-star is Jason Bateman in the movie The Change Up. Reynolds emphasized that the movie is raunchy and has very R rating.

Ryan Reynolds has done few comedy flicks before as well but this one is something different due to its R rating. He said that it was hard to film it and the concept is not that new but the way its filmed is the most important factor.

Ryan Reynolds also said that it has sexual scenes as well but they all have a meaning to it. It will not be a blunder mistake like Anne Hathaway's Sex, love and drugs movie. I have no doubts that she is an awesome actor but i could not see where the movie was going.

This new comedy flick will be a different and awesome. He said that it was hard filming it but finally it paid off when the review was scene. It had what is required by the cinema lovers.

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