Sienna Miller bending in G.I. Joe 2

There are rumors that Sienna Miller is working really hard to perform well in action scenes of G.I. Joe Cobra sequel 2. In part one she did well but the producer and director want more out of this girl. As in the first part she was evil for the first half and for the later she was with the G.I. Joe’s.

Now in sequel 2 the producer and director want Sienna Miller to bend more than before. So at the moment she is working out and also taking gymnastics classes with karate as well. She is taking gymnastics so that she can increase her flexibility in fighting scenes.

The rumors say that its not easy for her to lift her legs. The gymnastics classes will help her in being flexbile and also the karate classes will over all help her in bending more.  There are other rumors as well that in sequel 2 of G.I. Joe Sienna Miller will have some physical scenes as well.

The role demands of her to bend in fighting scenes as well and also in love scenes. The director has clearly mention that she has to do it as its the demand of the movie and also fans will love it.
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