Mallika Sherawat nude in Hot Shots movie

The sizzling Mallika Sherawat did it again. She just cannot be out of the fame. We have already seen in the past her bold scenes and acts and now she is going to do it again in her upcoming movie Hot Shots. Mallika Sherawat has done the boldness in murder and her latest flick Hissssss. She is ready to do it again in her new movie.

This time its said its going to be more sensual and more extreme and more awesome. It will blow the minds of her fans and also the extremists in India. She knows the fear and hatred she is going to face but she has made up her mind and she is going to do it. Well its not made official but the rumours are spreading like a wild fire in Bollywood industry and also Tollywood.

The movie is going to be produced in Hindi and also Telugu. Well, it will be the first time that the movie will be originally produced in both the languages. Well the heroin will be the same but other actors will change. Its said that Mallika Sherawat has been offered 20 crores for the movie. Mallika Sherawat will be nude again but this time to the extreme.

Its also said that she is going to have some intense physical scenes as well like never seen before. There had been x-rated movies produced in Indi but this movie is not going to be x-rated but a movie with pure story.  Mallika Sherawat did it again and she should be given the best award for being the most bold actress of this time.

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