Sienna Miller attacks paparazzi

There are rumors that in the town of Los Angles, California, USA Sienna Miller attacked paparazzi. The rumors say that she was walking down the street with her close friend Anna, there a paparazzi approached her asked if he could take pictures.

Obviously, Sienna said no as she was with a friend and she did not wanted any media intervention in it. The paparazzi at first did not bother them but kept following. After few minutes he approached her again and asked her gently if he could just have one picture.

Sienna Miller politely said no and told him its a private meeting with a friend so please do not bother. Finally the true colors of paparazzi came out and he started taking their picture. This made Sienna Miller really angry and starts abusing the guy.

Still he does not stops and that was it, she attacked the paparazzi and its said that her friend also slapped the paparazzi guy. They both hit him and gave him good punches. This news is around the media and the media personal are trying to get pictures or video of this incident.

At the moment Sienna Miller is denying everything about this scene and says that she was not there when this happened so it does not concerns her.

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