Gisele Bundchen nude on moon

Gisele Bundchen the ultimate super model of the world is planning to do something really strange. Gisele has plans to do nude photo shoot on the moon. She says that she wants to be the first model in the world to go to the moon and perform a nude photo shoot inside the shuttle. She has asked her famous photographer to come along with her.

Gisele Bundchen has already done so much work in modelling and almost every type.  She has done nude, semi-nude, naughty , naked infact nothing left. Now she wanted to do something which no one could have imagined. Well, she did and she is trying to make her vision a successful one.

She is already millionaire and there are rumors that she might soon become a billionaire because of her investments in different fruitful businesses. Gisele nude photo shoot on the moon will be something different and worthwhile to see. She has done nudity before but this is a strange one to do.

Gisele she is trying to contact the virgin company UK to arrange nude photo shoot plan for her. She has already paid 1$ million to the company. Now she is waiting for the right moment. These rumours are happening around in the entertainment industry. She has done almost everything and now she wanted to do something new and this was expected from her.

No doubt, she would be the first woman to do such a strange thing on moon. Lets hope it turns out successful and her fans do like it as well. Gisele Bundchen actions now are really strange. Hope after this moon exercise she does not demand for a nude photo shoot on Mount Everest.

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