Danica Patrick racing for playboy

There are rumors that Danica Patrick is going to work soon for a famous nude magazine. The rumors give signal towards playboy. Is it really true that she is going to now get nude. She is already a famous Indy Car racer, spokesperson and also a model. Now she is going to do something which no one expects from her.
This is something really strange but nothing new from a celebrity.

We know she is known for her awesome driving and fast moves. She was offered to work in films as well but she refused to work as full time and saying that only guest appearances would be a better thing to do. Danica Patrick first and foremost passion is racing but besides this she is into modelling and also a spokesperson.
She is doing really great so why she wants to do such a thing. She is already famous and she has a lot of money and almost everything, then why. 

There must be a reason for her to do it. The rumors say that a good sum of money is being offered to her. Some say that is 30$ million which has been offered to Danica Patrick. At the moment Danica Patrick is not replying to these rumors and is avoiding media big time. From this behaviour it feels like that she is into something but not letting the news out to the world. Danica Patrick has done some almost nude photoshoot. She has shown that she has guts. Lets see what her fans will react to this kind of stunt from her.

She is known to be a charismatic person who is fun and loving when around. Now this stunt of nudity to the world for playboy will be extremely shocking for her family members and also her fans. Lets hope this thing does not effects her racing skills. Danica Patrick is doing something out of extraordinary. Only time will tell how her fans are going to react to this rumor.

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